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Live phone sex in the USA

I have a slight problem and perhaps you might be able to help me. It’s like this, my girlfriend is going out of town for a few weeks and she made me promise I wouldn’t cheat on her. Why would she make me promise? Well, to be honest, she caught me with her best friend only a few weeks ago. Honestly, I was lucky she gave me another chance. She did bust us in bed together so there was no denying or getting out of the situation.

She said if anything like that happened again there would be no second or third chance. The funny thing is, I cheat on her regularly and she has no idea it’s with This casual sex line service has some of the hottest women. I talk to them regularly, even when my girlfriend is home. I just tell her I am on the phone with a buddy, if she catches me that is. Honestly, the more that I get away with it the more of a thrill it becomes.

I have jerked off in bed right next to her while being on a sex chat line. She is a heavy sleeper and I figure what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I might be playing with fire here and I might just get burned. The situation is I am so hooked on these chat sex lines that I don’t think I would be able to stop. Not when I am having the time of my life and certainly not when the xxx chat is this good.

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