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I have always had a thing for MILFs with big tits. In highschool, my best friend’s mom had an awesome rack that would somehow stop me in my tracks every time I saw her. It was like I forgot how great they were in between each visit.

Then in college I truly got exactly what I wanted when I came home for a visit. Apparently I was not the only one who had been checking out the forbidden fruit when I would ogle her back in the day. Because when she got me alone, she was more than happy to show me every inch of that hot body and give me exactly what I had always dreamed of, now that I was finally legal.

Now that those days have come and gone, I love to relive that feeling by watching hot MILF porn. If you also love busty women who love to fuck and tease, you can use this 50% off discount to Your Moms Got Big Tits and get unlimited access to an entire network of the hottest MILF porn you’ve ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on!


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Posted By Karlie on 12/31/18

Isn’t it nice when you don’t have to make choices? Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of options when it comes to my porn, but with this site, I get to enjoy it all. No more choosing between sexy amateurs, just starting out in the industry, or legendary porn stars that know exactly what viewers want and never fail to deliver. At New Sensations, all the beautiful ladies get together for some play time.

When I found out I could use this discount for 75% off New Sensations, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. Members not only get full access to this massive library of sexy content, but also to 12+ bonus sites that include Heavy Handfuls (perfect for boob guys), Jizzbomb (for those of us that appreciate hot cumshots), Four Finger Club and The Lesbian Experience (girl on girl action doesn’t get hotter than this), and my personal favorite, The Tales From The Edge (fantastic fetish fun). With phenomenal 4K ability, the shots are all crystal clear like I’m right in the room while it’s happening.

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If you have spent any amount of time on this blog, then I am pretty sure you realize we don’t exactly go for the glamorous side of porn. Instead, we like it nasty here. The nastier, the better!

It really doesn’t get much more downright dirty than what you will find inside of Things get so messy in fact, that many of the scenes are shot with girls in inflatable pools for easier clean up. A lot of the women have huge bowls to catch ass the piss in as well.

A variety of body types await you here. There are thick and thin, curvy and flat, coed and Milf. Sometimes outfits get soaked with body fluids and other times, the chicks are completely naked. There really is a variety here.

As for the action, it is extreme. Blowbangs are frequent with guys that I can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to fuck. Models are soaked with piss and cum and then have to drink it up.

Save over 50% off with a Bukkake Fetish discount, but keep in mind that you will need a strong stomach to enjoy it.


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Life is hard, am I right? We usually spend most of our days in an office or working for some douchebag boss, stressed out of our minds trying to pay for shit we can’t afford, possibly married to some chick we knocked up senior year of high school. I mean, goddamn… Life is kinda the worst sometimes.

The universe should throw us a bone every once in a while. It’s the least it could do for us. Well, I think that’s why the MYLF porn network exists. It’s a porn network completely devoted to MILF porn! What the world needs now isn’t LOVE… It’s MILFS! And this network comes with the hottest solo, lesbian, and hardcore conent spread across seven sites: Full Of JOI, Got Mylf, Lone MILF, MILF Body, Milfty, Mom Drips, and Mylfed. Now that I joined, I’m basically drowning in a sea of big natural titties begging to nurse away all my stress.

Since the universe threw me a bone, I’ll throw you one too. Just click this link to use this discount to MYLF for 67% off.

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Posted By Karlie on 11/12/18

If you’re looking for a site that features the hottest baddest babes in the industry that love cock more than anything else in the world, then you’re in the right place. I don’t know where they get these bitches but I’ve never met any like them. They’re sexier than anyone I’ve ever shared a bed with by far. And these girls know how to get down. They really do fuck like it’s their job. They make sure every single scene is hot enough to have your dick throbbing and begging for more. Hell, I struggle holding my load through the whole video.

Right now you can get up to 66% in discount savings at Mofos. Membership sure does have its perks. You not only get full access to this site, but the entire Mofo network. That’s fifteen other sites just as hot as this one. That’s more fuck scenes than you’d be able to watch in this lifetime. So grab your favorite lube and get in your comfy chair because shit is about to go down.

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Posted By Karlie on 11/01/18

There are so many bratty little white girls out there with daddy issues. They want nothing more in life than to piss of their parents, mostly their fathers. What’s one sure fire way to do that? Fuck a black man. Yes racism is supposedly dead and gone, but when it comes to a little white girl that all goes out the window. This site features only the hottest girls that love big black cock. They can’t get enough and these guys are eager to satisfy.

Right now you can use this Interracial Pass discount for 43% off and see what you’ve been missing. Whether you’re looking for a cock sucking good time or want to see a girl get ass fucked this site has you covered. These women eagerly swallow every drop of cum that’s fed to them. They also stretch every hole to be able to take every inch of these monster cocks. Watch these white women get their black meat fix and have your lube ready because it’s the hottest porn you’ll have ever seen.


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My friends are always asking me why I am always in such a good mood. I want to tell them, yet I seem to find excuses to keep the information all to myself. I did think it was about time that I shared it with you, but I’ll keep my friends guessing for a little bit longer.

Just like anything you need a place to go to get the highest quality action. If you want to jerk off to low quality porn then good for you. For me it’s all about premium porn and a simple visit to is going to open a whole new world of action for you.

Right away you’ll notice that everything is laid out in an easy to use manner. You won’t need to worry about getting lost, not with the very friendly layout the site uses. Let your eyes wander over the hot list of porn and when something takes your fancy go for it with all your desires.

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Posted By Gush on 10/18/18

I’ve got super-duper, fucking awesome news for you, man! There’s an discount for 82% off that is blowing people’s minds! We’re talking about one of the wildest hardcore porn networks on the web. We’re talking about Full HD and 4K UHD; we’re talking about the world’s hottest porn stars, a huge variety of niches, incredible performances, and unlimited downloads as well as frequent updates among other things. This is huge!

Evil Angel is made up of more than 28 hardcore porn sites, all featuring dirty cockhounds like Anna Bell Peaks, as you see on the picture above, Francesca Le, London Keyes, Asa Akira, Abella Danger, Chanel Preston, and many others. With this membership you’re getting thousands of videos (over 12,600 of them!) as well as thousands of photo sets, which are available as Zip files.

Do not miss out on this opportunity! This is one of the best and most notorious porn sites on the web and they’re practically giving away the membership. The offer won’t last long, so I would suggest getting your hands on it right away.



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These are motherfuckers that are rare, but guess what? They are there and they can cause damage. What are blackmailers? These are actually guys who pretend to be cougars. They would troll you and say, I want to have sex with you. I want to do this and that with you. And being the typical red blooded American male, you get all excited so you respond back.

Be on the lookout when this person asks for a video of you jerking off or doing something sexual. Why? Since this is a guy, what they would do is they would tell you that unless you pay them a lot of money, they’re going to post that shit on your social media profile. If you don’t believe me, just do some news searches on Google news. You’d be surprised. A lot of guys have actually committed suicide because of blackmailers.

These people are bad news. There are many laws but those laws aren’t doing a good enough job. These blackmailers should be punished but unfortunately, they are very hard to stop once they’ve started so do yourself a big favor. Pay attention to the behaviors they engage in and avoid them. The moment you feel that “girl” that you’re talking to is asking for sensitive information that may be used to blackmail you, cut the communication off.

The waste of time

These are cougars that have no intention of ever jumping on your dick. Seriously. They did not even join the cougar finder site to have sex. Not with anybody. It doesn’t matter how good you are. It doesn’t matter how big your cock is. It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank. These sexy older women are never going to fuck you. Then why the fuck are they there? Good question.

Because it gets them off. They get some sick satisfaction that these dudes from all corners of the globe desire them. Maybe they didn’t get hugged enough by their dad. Maybe their dad walked out when they were kids. Whatever the case is, they are mentally fucked up and you have no business fulfilling the deep and aching emotional void of their life. If you notice that a mature lady isn’t really responding well enough after three emails, drop her. You could just use a really good cougar dating website like and save yourself all this hassle!

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Posted By Trendy on 10/01/18

Sometimes you get so horny that not just one type of porn will do. When I’m really needing to whip out my giant cock and really blow a giant load (or three), I want the filthiest most hardcore porn there is. And not just one site, but every type. I never know what I’m going to be in the mood for. Yeah, I’m one big perverted guy.

That’s why I am a member of Tainster. They offered me a geat deal and I jumped on it like a head cheerleader jumps on a black quarterback’s dick (i.e. immediately). They offered me not one, not ten, but fifteen sites for one price! So many great hardcore sites, like Drunk Sex Orgy, Pissing in Action, Fully Clothed Sex, and Cum Squad. They even have that fucking hot domination site, Tyrannized. This site package is the best package for my… giant package.

If you’re even half the horndog that I am, you’re going to want to snatch up this Tainster discount offer before it’s gone.



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When it comes to nasty, naughty girls wanting to have every hole filled with cock on camera, there isn’t a better site than Evil Angel. I don’t even know how to describe the thrilling fuck fest this site has to offer.

Imagine that sweet, but a little stuck up girl from your high school. We all have at least one. You would’ve given anything to watch her submit to a strong dicking right? Here’s your chance. Go ahead & use this discount for 82% off Evil Angel if you’re dying to see what I mean. It’s the best choice you’re going to make.

Some girls need a punishing. Some will even flip the roles & take full control of a man. It’s sexy as hell either way. These tight pussies & assholes are begging for it. The girls will do anything to get that cum in her mouth. It’s like they survive on it. Watch them crave it, then get it in more ways than they could imagine & have their dreams come true.

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It’s not often that you’ll see a chick getting fucked in a position that’s perhaps more akin to something you’ll see in WWE or whatever that fake wrestling is called. I believe this is called the pile-driver and I bet it looks a lot cooler than it actually is but it’s all about the entertainment and Reality Kings sure does a phenomenal job at that.

They have been a round for quite some time now and they still manage to keep it fresh and interesting wit constant new innovative ideas. They’re already 38 sites strong and still growing.

The best news is that they are currently running a special where you can purchase heavily discounted memberships to the entire network as opposed to a single site at a time.

You can use this discount to Reality Kings for up to 74% off and get a 30-day pass which is now selling for $14.99 which will actually remain fixed, inflation free, for as long as you renew it month-to-month and is actually called a “Lifetime” deal.

There are also yearly memberships up for grabs at only $7.99 per month.

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If you’re looking for one place to find all of the hottest sites online for unbeatable prices, I suggest you check out these amazing discounts. You’ll find over 4,000 deals to the absolute best porn on the web for way less than what you would get if you just used a search engine and found them on your own!

With so many sites featured, there’s sure to be something to meet everyone and anyone’s fantasies and needs, but I did find this incredible site I wasn’t familiar with that I had to share!

Strokies is, as you can imagine by the name, a handjob site. However, it’s way more than just that. Not only do these smoking hot babes stoke off lucky men.

They also spend time playing with their own pussies, and occasionally there will even be multiple girls going at it with each other while pumping away on a very lucky cock! You can save now with a discount to and see what other naughty action is in store!

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A lot of guys think that when they join free sex dating sites like they have to turn into Brad Pitt or Mr. Cool. Acting cool and pretending to be something you’re not is a sure recipe for disaster. You have to remember that women will either like you or hate you. That’s the bottom line.

The worst thing that could happen is to make a woman like you for all the wrong reasons. You don’t want to lie to people. Just as fucked up as it is to be lied to, it’s also fucked up to lie to other people. Always look at it from that perspective because whatever shit you dish out is going to fly back at you at twice the rate. You think you’re doing well right now dishing all sorts of bullshit out, but wait until it catches up to you. It’s not going to be pretty.

You have to build your online persona on the solid foundation of truth. The truth is you are good looking enough. You have a lot of good things going for you. You might think that you have to lie just to compensate for a lot of your perceived shortcomings but resist that temptation. Believe it or not, there are many women from all four corners of the world that will accept you for who you are.

Allow yourself to believe that and base your confidence on that. It’s only a matter of time until you draw women. Why? Women are drawn to confident men. They’re not drawn to insecure dudes. Just project calm, easy confidence, be at peace within your own skin, and things will work out. Don’t overplay your hand. Don’t try to force things. Don’t try to overcompensate or try to prove yourself too much. If she doesn’t want you, fine, move on.

There are tons of other chicks out there. That’s the mind-set that you should have. Sure, this is just sex dating and it’s just anonymous sex, but guess what? So many guys pin their identities and their egos on how much sex they get that they end up crushing themselves. Which brings up reality number 3.

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Want to see a wimpy guy’s wife with huge fuckin’ tits take on a stud with a huge cock? You’ll get that and even more cuckold-type porn here. You’ll also find BBCs, step-family porn, taboo stuff, and regular old hardcore MILF and teen fucking. There’s tons of niche categories and it’s worth taking a gander to see if your favorite stuff is there. Here’s where you can save big on with a 73% discount.

Grabbing this deal gets you a hot network with six sites for no additional cost: Drilled.XXX, Family.XXX, BCM.XXX, Cucked.XXX, Confessions.XXX, and Petite.XXX. It claims to be the dirtiest and hottest porn online, and looking through the videos and roster of porn stars, I think I’d have to agree. Elsa Jean, Honey Gold, Ashley Adams, Stella Cox, Alexa Grace, Melissa Moore, and Jennifer White are just a handful of the horny hussies you’ll find here.

Of course, the videos are superb in 4k Ultra-Def, so you get to see every juicy detail. Updates are happening all the time across the network too, so you’ll always have some fresh content to get into. Have a look and grab your deal!

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